This is what you have been waiting for, an uncensored Wife swap. Finally you will see all the fucking that was never shown. Two guys swap wives for a week and they do not stay at house chores, they always try all the possibilities of a new wife. Everything is filmed, nothing left out. The final meeting is a spectacle of jealousy, hate and violence, an emotional tornado. Shocking discoveries and relationships torn to pieces. You need to see this in your very own eyes, this is the true face of Wife swap! You will fucking love this!


37min 18sec

The end of fucking holiday is almost here, Pepa is running out of beer. Before he finished the last one, he sat Milena's beaver on his cock. Milena got so wild she almost tore down the little house. Pepa is a horny beast, but the only thing he cares about is beer.
On the other side of the campsite Honza is destroying Ivanka's tight pussy with his cock. A missionary romance. Flawless.
The final meeting showed that Milena is a snitch. She told Ivanka immediately. Poor Pepa will have a lot to explain. Luckily, he won the drinking competition, when it came to counting beers drank, he won over Honza 60:0. Enjoy the true Czech Wife Swap!!! Have fun!!!
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37min 20sec

Swapped partners Ivanka and Milenka are having fun on holidays with young guys. And things are happening, things that will leave you speechless.
Honza wants to fuck, but Ivanka is playing cold. In the end he convinced her and they had a proper fuck. Sexy granny rode his cock wildly and Honza jizzed some yoghurt on her chin.
Pepa and his bottled beer set for forest and he invited horny Milena as well. In the middle of the deep woods, he fucked her hairy beaver and Milena screamed like crazy. Un-fucking-believable. This is one wicked Swap! Have fun!
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32min 48sec

You better sit down, because this could make you faint. We have yet another unique Wife Swap. Two elderly ladies and their young lovers. Two best friends, Milena and Ivana, decided to sign in the Wife Swap to enjoy a nice holiday in Slapy. They swapped the young lovers and set off to new experiences.
Busty and horny Milena immediately started to lure Pepa inside her hairy pussy. But Pepa prefers beer and before you know, he's drank most of them.
Slim Ivana is full of surprises. She gets into Honza's shorts without even asking and shows him how insanely good is she with her mouth.
This might get even wilder, because mature women are known for their appetite. Stay with us to see further development.
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44min 15sec

Veronika cleaned the entire apartment naked. That's my kind of cleaning. She wants nothing less as a reward than her pussy being cleaned with Vita's tongue. Seems like we've got a deal here. They both got so turned on they had fuck like wild animals. What an unexpected turn of events. It was one beautifully animalistic fuck, the kind you will play in front of your eyes next time you're alone.
On the other side, Stepanka is taking care of Danny's cock as a proper housemaid. She blows him, rides him, she just cannot get enough of that schlong. It must have been love at the first fuck.
But all silver clouds have a dark lining and everything has to end. Well, at least it usually does. But everybody was so excited by the Swap they decided to have a wild foursome the following weekend. That's an original ending, don't you agree? Spread the free love and legends of the Wife Swap!!!
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26min 36sec

This episode of Swap is unbelievable! You better have a drink, because your mouth could get dry. Danny the Coolboy sent a message to Vita: "Watch me fuck your wife in the ass!" Stepanka loves that big cock of his and doesn't care a bit she won't be able to sit down for a week. She is a horny anal slut. Vita will most probably jump from a bridge when he finds out.
In the other camp, Veronika and Vita walk around the city and she is flashing her pussy. This young beauty ain't scared one bit.
Have fun and get ready for the final meeting, it will blow your mind!
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25min 32sec

Uncensored Wife Swap is getting wild! Get ready for some proper fucking!
Everybody wants to know when will Danny finally fuck that little slut Stepanka. That girl is teasing him and her flirting is unbearable. Danny had to whip out his cock and fuck her hard from behind. That was a pure animalistic passion. His dick almost made Stepanka faint, she has never before seen a dick like that.
The other household is ready for dinner and it's served by nude Veronika. Every man needs a wife like this. The good boy Vita will tune her clit before she falls asleep, that's how you tip a waitress like this.
This episode is flawless, you will love it!
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38min 20sec

Do you need a proper fuck? Join the Swap! A good fuck guaranteed! Two young couples can confirm. A likable Stepanka and her boyfriend Vita want to have some fun, so does pretty Veronika and her boyfriend Danny.
Stepanka has horny eyes, you can tell she likes to fuck. And Danny is the perfect guy for sex with no strings attached. The chemistry is strong here and we only unpacked the luggage.
Metrosexual Vita gets the best welcome gift from Veronika, a sweet blowjob and a smooth shaved pussy.
The new Wife Swap is here, let's get fucking!
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